Review: “The Darkness II”

By Anders Howmann If I had to describe The Darkness 2 in one word, I would call it “monstrous.” As players make their way through the short, but gripping campaign, they will become a six-limb extension of the devil himself. They will suck the light from New York’s crime-infested underground, paint walls and ceilings with […]

How Reviews Should Be

I was having a conversation the other day with a friend of mine as to why the industry hates the press and reviewers and I came up with one very clear point: Reviewers and press are crap at their job. I’m not ashamed to admit this and I totally know that often times people like […]

Mark’s Lessons: Game Camera Directing

Got five minutes? That’s all Mark Soderwall needs to teach you some important little tips about directing your in-game camera. Sometimes the inspiration to make an educational video strikes our boss wherever he is and he just has to share what’s on his mind. Take a look at this free lesson from an industry professional, […]

Nerd Rage

Every now and then someone will ask me about my opinion on violence and videogames. Do I think that playing violent games results in violent behavior, that children shouldn’t be allowed to own or play games that have a rating higher than their age, that sort of thing. I’ve played a lot of games, and […]

The Pen and Paper Dead

You like pen and paper rpgs, like Dungeons and Dragons? Then how about one that is about the zombie apocalypse? That’s the setting for Outbreak: Undead. The best part? You get to roll yourself as a character. Seriously. Let me make an example. You can go to the website to check the whole system […]