Interview with the creators of pen-and-paper RPG “Outbreak: Undead”

It lives! Our interview with the creators of “Outbreak: Undead!” Please watch and you may learn a thing or two from these driven individuals who made their own game. To learn more about the game go to their website and their Facebook page here.

Entire “Uncharted” series edited into feature-length films

The Uncharted games have always been some of the most cinematic experiences in gaming, but Reddit user Morphinapg has taken that idea to a new level by editing together feature-length film versions of each game in the series using cutscenes and carefully chosen gameplay sections to tell the stories in a completely non-interactive way.“With these […]

“Dishonored” Game Update

It’s a long trailer but it’s a fascinating one to say the least. Dishonored has finally shown its face in the trailer universe and we have gotten our first glimpse into a world where Bethesda has seemingly melded Victorian England and some City 17 from Half-Life 2. That’s not very surprising as Viktor Antonov, the […]

The next console war

(This article can also be found on the site Talk Nerdy to Me Lover.) So I’m not sure how I feel about the new consoles looming on the horizon. Of course at this point everyone knows about the Wii U and its imminent release, and then there are the new Xbox and Sony systems that […]

Gaming cliches through the ages

How many castles do you people have? We’ve all encountered them at least a few times throughout our adventures in the myriad digital worlds we explore on a daily basis, and there are certainly many more than we could list here, but this is a list compiled by Jesus of his (least?) favorite cliches in […]