“Star Wars 1313” lurks in the shadows

“Star Wars: 1313.”  Don’t bother going to the game’s site right now, there’s nothing there. That’s just how under-wraps this game is. LucasArts, working closely with Industrial Light and Magic, is striving to bring fans the first M-rated expedition into the “Star Wars” universe. Unfortunately the Vault was not able to get a look at […]

Eyes on “Injustice: Gods Among Us”

We’ve all had the conversations with our friends about who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman. How about Harley Quinn and Nightwing? What about Flash and Cyborg?” Well, if you’re a fan of the DC Universe you’ve probably had these conversations. “Injustice: Gods Among Us” saves you the trouble of having to imagine […]

Despite rumor, “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” still in development

A couple of days ago, Kotaku had reported that the long-in-development “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” had been cancelled and that Square Enix had not made it public so it would not make their stock prices drop. Well, all the fanboys and fangirls can breathe a sigh of relief because t turns out that the rumor […]

Who’s Watching the “Watch Dogs”? We are.

Want information about “WatchDogs?” Get in line. Ubisoft is being as tight-lipped and shady about their new title as their protagonist Aiden Pearce. Looking like a modern version of comic-book characters The Question or Rorschach, Pearce seems to be a surveillance and technology nut. Motives? Unknown. Objective? Unknown. What everyone does know is what Mr. […]

Rhythm and Motion

As the Nintendo Wii came out of the shadow of the Nintendo Revolution rumor, movement based gaming suddenly received a jolt of life on the home console. Games that were traditionally thought of as arcade titles and not feasible for the home environment were now entirely possible and encouraged. However, the gaming community began to […]

Eyes on “Company of Heroes: General Winter”

World War II is a point in history that the gaming industry seems to never get tired of. Fortunately for Relic Entertainment and THQ, this means a sequel to their critically acclaimed “Company of Heroes” PC game that graced shelves in 2006. Argued to be the RTS strategy that changed the way the game was […]

Un-tie the tie-ins

I’ve played quite a few movie tie-in games in my life, and (surprise) they are generally not very good. I don’t think it’s the fault of the developers, though, because studios like Beenox, which has created both movie tie-in and original titles, are capable of creating very good games when they aren’t tied to films. […]

Eyes on “Total War: Rome II”

After disappearing into the mist behind “Medieval 2: Total War,” “Empire: Total War,” “Napoleon: Total War” and most recently “Shogun 2: Total War,” “Rome 2: Total War” comes crashing back into our line of site like the Roman Empire trying to retain the last vestiges of power before its fall. By the looks of it, […]