“Star Wars 1313” lurks in the shadows

“Star Wars: 1313.”  Don’t bother going to the game’s site right now, there’s nothing there. That’s just how under-wraps this game is. LucasArts, working closely with Industrial Light and Magic, is striving to bring fans the first M-rated expedition into the “Star Wars” universe.
Unfortunately the Vault was not able to get a look at this game during E3, but Adam Sessler did mention it when he met with us on the show floor. His take: “‘Uncharted’ and ‘Star Wars’ in a gritty M-Rated game? Yes, I’ll take it if it’s derivative, I’ll take that derivation.”

No one really knows anything about the game other than what we’ve seen as we creep through the internet, seeing an article here and picture there. If you do your homework though, you can see the trailer above compiled with some actual gameplay too. Oh, what’s that? Don’t want to do the work? Well that’s why we’re here, because we love you.

So what we see first off is the amazing graphics. It’s as if they took the best of “Force Unleashed” and added the facial software from “L.A. Noire.”

Well that might be exactly what they did, as reports have that LucasArts and ILM worked on using that technology to give a very realistic look to their newest project

Gameplay shows us a third-person shooting mechanic a la “Uncharted,” or “Jedi Knight” if you were fond of the old school Kyle Katarn games where you could switch from first and third-person. However, the way the mechanic moves makes it look more like “Uncharted” and “Mafia 2” than anything else.

Thank heavens for a cover system too, because if this was another “Star Wars” game without a cover system a million voices would have cried out in pain and then would been suddenly silenced. I couldn’t resist the Alderaan joke. I’m sorry.

The main character hiding in the shadows, just like the game he’s in.
As for story, little has be revealed except the premise. You play as a bounty hunter traveling to one of the worst crime-ridden slums of the city-world Coruscant, level 1313. Other than that, we don’t have much to go on, but when we do, you’ll be the first to know.
LucasArts seems to be getting darker and darker as the years progress. From “Republic Commando” to “The Force Unleashed,” their content has ranged from gritty warfare to wanton destruction. Even “The Old Republic,” the MMO collaboration with Bioware, has some fairly intense choices that deal with torture and outright murder. Could it be that “Star Wars” might be growing up to fit it’s older fan base? Does that mean we can expect gore and grit and well-scripted storylines? “1313” will hopefully deliver both and here’s hoping it’s not heavy-handed with either.