How do you sell a problem like Next Gen?

Games Industry International had a really poignant article written by Johnny Minkley that really began to dissect the next gen launches of previous systems and what might be necessary to sell the ever looming new systems on the horizon. The article mentioned, of course, how tired consumers are getting of the current gen systems and […]

Your gaming past is coming back for your money

SNK Playmore has recently revealed that there will be a large sale including NEOGEO titles (up to 50% off on certain games) on the PlayStation Network. So, if you’ve got a hankering to relive your past years of gaming on your current-generation handhelds, you’re in luck from August 28 to September 25. NEOGEO games were […]

“Grand Theft Auto V” game update

The pictures are out, the trailer’s been playing on repeat on fans’ computers since the minute it was released and boy are people excited about it. “Grand Theft Auto V” is causing some buzz after the extremely impressive in-game trailer was released some months ago and after the absolutely stunning screenshots of leisure activities and […]

Don’t fear the Slender Man

Hope you didn’t need to go to the bathroom. It’s pitch black, your flashlight is running out of batteries and this is the fourth time you’ve seen that tanker truck sitting in the middle of the park. Of course you’re lost, how could you not be after running for your life from him. The music […]

NVIDIA GeForce GRID moves the console out of your home

Every company seems to be breaking in to the cloud-gaming market with a different strategy. NVIDIA is doing this by taking the console hardware out of the picture completely with its GeForce GRID technology. GeForce GRID is essentially the idea of moving your graphics card to a server farm and sending those images back to […]

Possible teaser websites for two popular Square Enix franchises appear

A few days ago some new teasers from Square Enix went live on the web. Speculations are running wild about then, but it’s pretty safe to assume we can be sure of what they are. Could this be a tease for the finale of the “Lightning saga. The first being a screen shot on Square […]

The fine line between spin-off and stand-alone

With games nowadays reaching their third & fourth installments or so in their respective series, it’s safe to say most have had their own spin-offs. Some are good and essential to the series and others are better left alone. Sometimes these games, whether good or bad, get mixed in together and because of that some people would rather not deal […]

“Assassin’s Creed: Liberation” sneaks onto the PS Vita

I am beyond excited about this because it has me all excited about my PS Vita for once. “Assassin’s Creed: Liberation” is the first game to come to a Sony handheld that is a story about a character that is not the focus of a major console game. Of course, the social games and phone […]