“Grand Theft Auto V” game update

The pictures are out, the trailer’s been playing on repeat on fans’ computers since the minute it was released and boy are people excited about it. “Grand Theft Auto V” is causing some buzz after the extremely impressive in-game trailer was released some months ago and after the absolutely stunning screenshots of leisure activities and cityscapes have been thrust upon the internet.

There has been little to no information about what the game will be like when it’s in the hands of gamers, how large the city is, who you will play as, what the story is and what changes have been made to improve upon the work done in “GTA IV” and it’s expansions in “Liberty City Stories.”

Now, beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to what information is released by a company and depending on levels of development there may not be any information that Rockstar wants to give out for fear of it changing during stages of development. But if gamers like hunting for knowledge and investigating on their own, there are plenty of sites like igta5.com and gtav.net that have speculation and dissections of the trailer to guess at who might be in the game and who you might play as and what the story will be.

This looks like a scene from one of the “Fast and the Furious” movies.

One worry that’s circulating is that Rockstar is focusing too much on the aesthetic and not on the quality of the game. The “GTA” series has always been one of the games that people can count on to bring some new graphical power to the industry and if not “GTA” then Rockstar will produce something else that will drastically change the graphic game for video games.

From “Red Dead Redemption’s” beautifully hand-sculpted landscapes and environments to “L.A. Noire’s” unbelievable facial tech brought to the table by the now defunct and somewhat disgraced Team Bondi.

“GTA IV” and the “Liberty City Stories” definitely needed some fine tuning. This is to be expected from games that are about large, open-world stories with tens of thousands of NPCs and variables working in tandem to create a believable urban atmosphere.

I can almost smell a Red Ring of Death on my Xbox 360 just looking at this picture.

There is no question that the game is allowed some bugs with the amount of work that is happening on a second by second basis. However, controls can be tightened, glitches can be fixed and if the game is going to be on current-gen consoles then they need to account for the processing power that is available to them to ensure no crashing occurs.

These may seem like common fears and cautions, but for a game like “Grand Theft Auto V,” these minor annoyances can pile up over time and really make or break the game. The recent dark-horse hit “Sleeping Dogs” has people talking about how Rockstar can take a hint from Square Enix about a large-scale game with an open world. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t, but people are definitely excited about “GTA V.”

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