Possible teaser websites for two popular Square Enix franchises appear

A few days ago some new teasers from Square Enix went live on the web. Speculations are running wild about then, but it’s pretty safe to assume we can be sure of what they are.

Could this be a tease for the finale of the “Lightning saga.

The first being a screen shot on Square Enix’s Facebook wall that shows stormy clouds and the words “A Storm Gathers.” This could be a possible teaser for “Final Fantasy XIII-3” seeing as we were left with a cliffhanger in “XIII-2.” The font is very in tune with the kind of text you’d see in “Final Fantasy XIII.”

Square Enix is also holding a conference in Tokyo Sept. 1 in regards to “Final Fantasy’s” 25th anniversary and has stated that members of “FF:XIII’s” development team will hold a conference about whats next in what it referred to as the Lightning saga (named after the games’ protagonist). For more about this, we’ll just have to wait until Sept. 1, but that’s not too far away.

The other piece of teasing goodness is the new website http://www.square-enix.co.jp/subaseka/, which displays a timer with (at the time of this article post) has roughly three days until zero. Other than the timer, the only things shown are a silhouette of a city skyline line and credits given to Tetsuya Nomura and Gen Kobayashi.
This screen captures the same stylistic feel of “The World Ends With You.”
The font on the timer is very similar to “The World Ends With You’s” font style, and the buildings in the background are very reminiscent in the style of art used in the game’s box art. Tetsuya Nomura and Gen Kobayashi were also the artists on “The World Ends With You,” so that can be a huge hint.

The dead give away is when you visit the site background music starts to play.

 The music playing is very similar to the main theme of “TWEWY,” “Twister.” A trick that people have been talking about is that when you move the date on your computer closer to the date the song changes to a remixed version of “Twister” and “Calling,” both of which were in the original “TWEWY” game. At the time of this article being posted the song is “Calling.” The date scheduled for the timer to end is Monday, Aug. 27, so check back with us then to see what this turns out to be.