Crunch time!

Let’s discuss the dreaded Crunch Time!
Now I understand that “Crunch” is a time honored tradition of game development, usually brought about by poor production planning, crazy publisher demands or show demos, but I’ll leave this for another blog post. It has its merits but it can also be a lesson in diminishing returns if not properly executed! While creativity can sometimes be difficult in and of itself, when compounded by fatigue and sleep deprivation it can become an exercise in futility!
If you find yourself having to Crunch, find times to get up and go outside to take in deep breaths of “fresh” air, not the carbon-dioxide laden environment you’ve been sitting in. Your body needs quality moments of time to take in oxygen as well as proper circulation by simply standing, stretching or pacing from the hours of sedentary! Water NOT soda, Redbull or Monster is also another valuable component to keeping your body hydrated, oxygenated and ready for long hours of physical inactivity. While your body may not be working hard, your brain is, and that’s 80% water. It needs this pure source of fuel in order to feed it oxygen as well as keeping the electrical synapses firing optimally.
These are tips that come from a professional Health and Nutritional Coach (who also happens to also be my wife so you know it’s legit)! So if Crunch time is in your near future, plan for it by preparing your body with a couple of nights before-hand of a minimum of 8 hours of sleep and an intake of organics and dark greens such as kale, red/green leaf lettuces , broccoli and the like. You know, the “crappy” tasting veggies. However, they are filled with oxygen that promotes incredible circulatory and nutritional results making for a better running machine. Mix them into smoothies or juices with fruits, to cut the bitter after taste, if you have to! ;)
Remember, game development is not only about creating amazing content but actually being happy about it and enjoying your work, especially during stressful times or Crunch! These are best practices I implement myself, which produces amazingly competitive results! Give your body (and yourself) the best tools, nutrition and rest in order to realize your full creative potentials!