“Injustice” goes mobile

There seems to be a size difference here.

So, I’m a huge comic book fan (if some of you don’t know). The fact that there is a game coming out about the heroes of the DC Universe fighting each other made by the studio that made “Mortal Kombat” has officially made this half of my year.

That and the fact that you can play as Aquaman and beat the crap out of people.
Fun character choices aside, there’s something interesting going on with the game “Injustice: Gods Among Us” that hasn’t really been seen for gaming franchises: a mobile iOS tie-in game.
Now, some of you might be saying, “Well, that’s not entirely unique or new. Those things have been done.” Yes, of course they have.
However, what I think separates this tie-in game on from others is that this one will actually affect your console version of the game. Most mobile tie-ins do nothing but capitalize on the hype and rush of enthusiasm for a title. There are numerous time-waster games that only relate in name and nothing more.
“Injustice’s” tie-in grants rewards in the form of alternate costumes for your console game. That’s right, they’re cosmetic rewards, but let’s take a second to think about that. Another game that actually rewards you with game content. Sure, it’s kind of lame content, but the idea that there is more to do with the franchise is actually kind of cool. Plus, this also gives you a way around having to purchase all of the costumes with real money.
Oddly enough, neither of them are using their rings.

Of course, getting the costumes is hard and you have to really spend some time to do the work, but I really feel this is a good step for mobile gaming.

There are very few titles that I can think of that really rewarded the owner of a console after playing a mobile game. The only one that really jumps out for me is “Pokemon” because if you owned any of the “Pokemon Stadium” games, you could import your team from the Gameboy and play with those on your N64. That’s really it.
The difference there is that the mobile platform was made by Nintendo as well. The fact that mobile iOS devices are now being recognized as a viable platform for a company like Warner Bros. is actually surprising.
I talked a little bit about the mobile market growing a while back, and I think this is quite possibly the best thing that I’ve seen in terms of big titles and tie-ins.
This type of project is the exact kind of thing that could keep smaller companies in business and give some opportunities to new people getting into the industry. Mobile gaming companies are becoming larger and larger in the market place.
Sure, they may be content mills, producing game after game to keep the lights on. But, if a company could produce a few solid titles, they could continue to build off of those and make a really great reputation.
Mobile games might actually be something to look forward to, rather than just the next installment of “Angry Birds.”
Just some food for thought.