10 reasons why you should buy “Farcry 3: Blood Dragon”

Were you a fan of “Far Cry 3?” Wish there was more you could do after you’ve completed the game? Are you just looking for that little more in your gaming life? Well, look no further because “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon” is here to satiate all your needs and desires. Here are ten reasons for you to buy it:

1) Same “Far Cry” Formula
“Far Cry 3” was an amazing game. The shooting and stealth mechanics were a great part and it’s nice that they haven’t been changed coming over to “Blood Dragon.” In general, gameplay is more of the same, which isn’t a bad thing.

2) Stand-Alone Game
Want to play “Blood Dragon” but you sold your copy of “Far Cry 3” to a certain game store? Well, fear not! “Blood Dragon” is a stand-alone game! That means you don’t need the original to play it. It’s just a simple download away and hey, even if you haven’t played the original before this just might change your mind to pick it up!

3) $15 or 1200 MS points
That’s literally all you pay for this game. $15 for over six hours of gameplay. Not a bad deal. Tell me why you still haven’t bought this game.

4) The Plot
The game allows for some serious destruction.

The story itself is one of the funniest I’ve heard in a while. Set in the future of 2007, it’s basically a twisted version of a classic “G.I Joe” episode. Dealing with cyborgs, evil scientists and saving the good ol’ US of A. it has all the cheesy plot lines of an 80’s movie, which work for it. It is a bit on the short side (like really short side) but it makes good while it lasts!

5) Characters
The cast of “Blood Dragon” make the game. You play as Rex Powercolt, a Mark IV cyber-commando out to defeat Sloan, his former mentor gone mad. Together with his partner Spider, a black afro’d ninja, and Dr. Darling, Rex’s love interest through the game, he sets out to save the world.

6) Voice Acting
“Blood Dragon,” while having a small cast of voice actors, makes up for it’s size with talent like Michael Biehn (“The Terminator,” “Aliens”) and Grey DeLisle (“Injustice,” “Batman: Arkham City”) keeping you company on this crazy 80’s romp. Biehn does a great job at cracking cheesy one liners and getting away with it, and DeLisle is hilarious as Dr. Darling and the announcer over the intercom of the bases you besiege.

7) Blood Dragons
Blood dragons roam the roads.

The name of the game comes from these huge neon-glowing beasts resembling some kind of dinosaur. They glow green, but turn red when they sense enemies close by, and you can use them to your advantage. See, they have a little addiction to cyber hearts, which the bodies of your fallen foes carry. You can use this addiction to your advantage and throw some at your enemies causing blood dragons to attack all who stand in your way.

8) You Can Ride a Blood Dragon
Literally. You can ride one later in the game. It starts to shout famous memes as you fire its laser turrets on its back. “IMA FIREN MYY LAZER!!!!”

9) The Cutscenes
I should have mentioned this earlier but the cutscenes in the game feel like they’re ripped straight out of an NES game. They look like static images with very little movement but add so much to the story. It’s part of the whole 80’s retro feel.

10) There’s Already Talk of a Sequel
There has been so much buzz and well-written reviews of this game that the creators want there to be a sequel and are already in talks for it. This means that this likely isn’t the last we hear of Rex Powercolt!