“Injustice: Gods Among Us” review

Finally, players can settle the age-old questions of who will win in a fight with Batman and Superman in a game made by “Mortal Kombat” creators NetherRealm.

“Injustice: Gods Among Us” features a single-player story along with the traditional battle modes and versus. The story follows the events of two dimensions that are linked by a single event. One dimension’s Superman has become a tyrant that conquered the world, and the underground resistance calls upon the heroes of the other dimension to aid them in toppling the evil regime.

The best part about NetherRealm single-player campaigns is that they force you to play a multitude of different characters and character types, while simultaneously making you fight against each character in the roster. This helps keep the learning curve from getting too steep, unlike other fighting games such as “Marvel vs. Capcom 3.”
In the story mode, the monotony is broken up by mini-games that actually help take the health away from your next enemy if you complete them. Games range from zapping cars with heat vision as Superman while Black Adam throws them at you, to shooting Solomon Grundy with trick arrows as Green Arrow. There’s even a segment where Wonder Woman has to block bullets from Bane’s gun using her wrist bracers. They’re pretty fun, simple, don’t throw you out of the action, and if you fail you just have to do the fight like normal so there really isn’t a penalty for screwing up.

The game rewards you with experience points from every battle you win both online and locally. These points award you tokens that can be used to unlock costumes, different battle modes and art.

One of the best parts about this game is the stages. Much like in “Dead or Alive,” there are stage transitions that can occur if a certain move is executed at a point on the current stage. The crazy and often comical transitions really do make this feel more like a comic than anything else. Not only that, but there are interactive objects all over stage that can help you win the battle if you’re stuck in a corner or feel like smiting a foe. It’s possible to throw small robots at an enemy or even jump off of an item and land behind your opponent so that they’re now trapped in the corner.

Between the costumes, the nods to the comics in each stage and characters, this is really a DC Comics fan’s dream. While it is not the ideal superhero game, there is a lot of fan service between the costumes from certain legendary comic series and throwback costumes. Downloadable characters and costume sets have already been announced, so there’s more to come for this game for those who want more DC bang for their buck.

Multiplayer offers the traditional player-versus-player format as well as ranked matches if you feel like being competitive. There is also the King of the Hill mode which allows several players to watch two others battle it out, while the victor remains in the next match to fight the next challenger. There’s a lot of options for everyone.

That’s a big roster!
If jumping right into the action doesn’t sound appealing, the game offers training missions in the S.T.A.R. Labs section. There are ten training activities for each character and they go through the basic combos and moves for each character.

Some of the missions are a little strange, such as moving Catwoman’s cat Isis through a museum, while others are fun and entertaining. These missions are actually very useful for those players who really want to learn the distance of each character’s attack, how long they take and how to use them properly.

“Injustice: Gods Among Us” is a refreshing break from games like “Arkham City” that reminds players why they like superheroes and villains: because they beat the crap out of each other and it’s fun to watch. While some of the characters on the roster are questionable (Raven, Solomon Grundy, Doomsday and Ares), there are plenty of fun matchups to be had to keep friends entertained for hours.

If you’re in to fighting games, this might be the game for you, especially if you’re a comic fan. If this isn’t your style, it may be fun to just look some of the fan-service things up online. This game definitely isn’t for everyone, but those who do pick it up will likely enjoy it a lot.