Microsoft clears up confusion over Xbox One functionality

Microsoft released detailed information yesterday on it’s policies regarding the Xbox One, online functionality and the new Kinect sensor. You can read it for yourself here, but below is a brief overview of the important stuff:

Online functionality and games:

The Xbox One will need to connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours. If a connection is not made within that time, all gaming functionality will cease. DVD, Blu-ray and live TV features will still be available without an internet connection.

Games purchased at brick-and-mortar stores will be installed to the hard drive of the Xbox One and simultaneously linked to the user’s Xbox Live profile in the cloud. Players can then play any game linked to their profile while logged into their account on any Xbox One. While playing your games on a friend’s Xbox One, an internet check is made every hour rather than the normal 24 hours.

Also, friends and family in the same house may play any game that was downloaded onto that Xbox One so long as the daily internet connection is made.

Players can also authorize up to ten other people to use their games freely on any Xbox One, although it is still unclear exactly how this is accomplished with all the checking in and licensing issues attached to games.

Games will be released physically and digitally on the same day, so consumers may purchase discs at stores or download games at home on release day.

The Xbox One dashboard.

Since games are linked to individual Xbox Live accounts and played via the cloud, selling, trading and lending games is no longer an option. Game publishers may set up their own systems for consumers to resell games to authorized dealers if they so choose.

Additionally, players may give a game to a friend as long as that person has been on the player’s Xbox Live friends list for at least thirty days. Games may only be given once, so if a friend gives you a game, you may not give that game to another friend when you no longer want it.

Kinect functionality:

The Xbox One will not function without the Kinect sensor attached, however Microsoft states that users may turn off any functionality of the sensor if they wish. So, if you don’t want the Kinect to listen to you or see you, you’re free to turn off those features.

Any data collected by the Kinect sensor such as facial scans, voice commands, etc. will not be sent to Microsoft unless explicitly agreed to by users.

If users choose, they may still control the Xbox One with a controller instead of voice commands and gestures.