This week in gaming

PS4 release date and Vita price drop

Sony revealed that the PlayStation 4 will release in North America on Nov. 15 and Europe on Nov. 29 at their press conference before the Gamescom convention in Cologne, Germany Tuesday 

Sony also confirmed a price drop for the PlayStation Vita to $299 and price drops on their proprietary PS Vita memory cards, as well as at least three upcoming PS Vita bundles that include several games.

Self publishing on Xbox One

Microsoft released information on their independent game developer self-publishing program for Xbox One called ID@Xbox.

According to the website, the program will initially be open to developers who have already shipped titles on other platforms. These developers, whose applications will be reviewed and approved by an ID@Xbox team, will receive two Xbox One development kits as well as support and information from Microsoft regarding best practices in creating a game. 

The FAQ also states that there is the possibility in the future for consumers who have an Xbox One to develop and publish their own titles to the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Game for Windows (not so) Live

Game for Windows Live, Microsoft’s online multiplayer service for PC, is rumored to be discontinued on July 1, 2014.

It was written on a support page for “Age of Empires Online” on the Xbox website that the service would be terminated, but the page was taken down shortly after discovery and later replaced with the information regarding GFWL removed. Here is a screenshot of the page before it was edited.

It appears as though developers can keep the online features of games that currently require GFWL by porting them to services like Steamworks through a patch.

Xbox One bundled in Europe

Microsoft revealed in its Gamescom showcase that Euorpean consumers who pre-order an Xbox One will receive a free copy of “FIFA 14.”

This promotion does not include countries like Sweden that will not be getting the Xbox One until nest year. A Microsoft representative told the Swedish Eurogamer website that European countries that are getting a later release of the Xbox One will receive two other big budget games with pre-ordered consoles. The representative did not say which two titles would be included.