This week in gaming

Felonies with friends

Rockstar Games has revealed information and gameplay from “Grand Theft Auto Online,” the open-world multiplayer portion of the upcoming “Grand Theft Auto V” that comes free with new copies of the game.

“GTA Online” will not release on the same day as “GTAV,” however. It will become available on Oct. 1, a few weeks after the base game’s Sept. 17 release date.

Some new old favorites 

Gamestop will begin offering limited stock of what they call “vintage games” that include used copies of rare Wii titles “Xenoblade Chronicles” and “Metroid Prime Trilogy.”

Joystiq reported that a Gamestop representative contacted them defending the $90 price tag currently attached to “Xenoblade Chronicles,” saying that they are offering these games in response to demand from members of their Powerup Rewards program, and are pricing based on the current market value of the games.

In stock as of today, the product page for “Metroid Prime Trilogy” on Gamestop’s website lists the price at $84.99.

The Saints go marching in

Reviews for “Saints Row IV” released this week. The overwhelming majority of which are positive. NeoGaf user Deadly Cyclone put together a post compiling review scores from several popular game-review websites with summaries.

Super-sneaky-action spies

“Splinter Cell: Blacklist” reviews also released this week, and another NeoGaf thread put together by user CrunchinJelly compiles scores and summarizes reviews from a lot of major game-review websites.

Most reviews were positive, but Edge and Kotaku scored it relatively low: a 6 out of 10 and “NOT YET,” respectively.

Who’s afraid of Bigby Wolf?

Telltale Games released the first trailer for their upcoming episodic game, “The Wolf Among Us.” It is based on the comic book “Fables” by Bill Willingham, and casts players as sheriff of Fabletown and werewolf Bigby Wolf.

It’s alright to dis-Kinect

The Xbox One will still function when the Kinect sensor is not connected, Chief Xbox One Platform Architect Marc Whitten told IGN.

This news comes following a long stream of turnarounds from the Xbox One team regarding features and functionality since E3 2013.