This week in gaming

Microsoft’s next-gen console gets a release date

The Xbox One will launch on Nov. 22, according to a YouTube video posted by Microsoft. The release is scheduled for the same date that the Xbox 360 was released back in 2005.

PlayStation’s virtual reality

Sony is rumored to be working on a virtual-reality headset to be used with the PlayStation 4, reported

The company itself will not comment at this time, but had meetings with several developers at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles in June that claim the device is similar to the Oculus Rift that was funded through Kickstarter, according to the article from

Disney-themed touches dot Columbia’s skyline.

To Columbia and beyond!

“Disney Infinity” is getting five user-generated areas for players to use in toy-box mode this week.

The player-created areas that were chosen by “Disney Infinity” developers Avalanche Software include Jungle Cruise, a Tron-themed trench run and a Disneyfied version of the floating-city setting of “Bioshock Infinite,” Columbia.

Players can download these areas for free on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U now.