From comic to controller: “The Wolf Among Us”

Comic fans have a hard time not being critical of games based off of graphic novels or their favorite series. Telltale Games’ new project, “The Wolf Among Us,” is no exception.While the “Fables” series of comics – on which this game is based – may not be well known, this will change drastically after the […]

This week in gaming

A brave new goomba-filled world Nintendo released a new trailer for “Super Mario 3D World” this week showcasing new power ups and multiplayer. New power ups include Cat Mario, which allows him to pounce on enemies and climb up walls, and the White Tanooki Suit, which appears to simply make Mario invincible. “Super Mario 3D World” […]

“Rayman: Legends” review

Rayman may not be the most well known mascot of a bygone gaming era where it seemed each company had one, but he’s certainly stuck around. While sticking around apparently means sitting in the background while the Rabbids take over his franchise name, getting their own games and an an upcoming TV show, the little […]

This week in gaming

Release that hounds… later “Watch Dogs,” the ambitious open-world game from developer Ubisoft Montreal that was set to launch along with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has been delayed until Spring 2014, according to a post from the development teams on Ubisoft’s official blog. They want to take some extra time to polish the game before […]

“Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix” announcement and “Kingdom Hearts 3” gameplay preview

Square Enix announced “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix” at Disney’s D23 Expo in Japan Monday. The release will collect previous games in the series including “Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix,” “Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep” and “Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded” in a single package. “Re:coded” will not be in playable form in this collection, but will […]

This week in gaming

Step onto the battlefield early The “Battlefield 4” open beta is available now through Tuesday on PC through Origin, on Xbox 360 through the Xbox Live Marketplace and on PlayStation 3 through the PlayStation Store. The beta features the Conquest, Domination and Obliteration multiplayer game modes on the map called Siege of Shanghai. Players are […]

“Grand Theft Auto V” review

“Grand Theft Auto V” has already been heralded as quite possibly the best game ever created. When looking at it and playing it, it’s actually hard to refute that point.Needless to say, this review won’t deal with the social aspects of the game, which have caused much controversy and discussion all across the gaming industry […]

This week in gaming

“Half-Life 3” (maybe) confirmed Update:It has been discovered that the patent filed through the European Union’s patent website this week was indeed a hoax. Read more about it over at Valve Time.Valve filed a patent for the name “Half-Life 3” earlier this week, although nothing of the long-rumored third installment in the “Half-Life” series has […]