From comic to controller: “The Wolf Among Us”

Comic fans have a hard time not being critical of games based off of graphic novels or their favorite series. Telltale Games’ new project, “The Wolf Among Us,” is no exception.

While the “Fables” series of comics – on which this game is based – may not be well known, this will change drastically after the surprising success of the comic property under Telltale’s crew. After their accolades for “The Walking Dead,” it’s no surprise they were approached again.

Games about comic-book characters are usually action oriented or exploitative. “The Wolf Among Us,” while being a point-and-click adventure, blends action and suspense in a way that is surprisingly fluid.

Along with an original story, the game has some new faces.

When violent or physical events occur, the player must respond by pressing the appropriate button at the right time. While failing to do so doesn’t always end fatally for the player, it does often change the plot or the course of the game depending on what might happen.

Some players aren’t at all happy with the quick-time-event system in these games, and not many people could blame them. QTEs are regarded warily and, more often than not, with hostility. Oddly enough, with a game like “The Wolf Among Us,” a gritty, noire detective story, it would feel out of place without some form of action gameplay.

Combat mechanics like “God of War” or “Assassin’s Creed” would seem wasted on a more detail oriented and cerebral game. But split-second decisions and reactions are only ever really completed properly with QTEs.

That being said, a game that makes use of a primarily disliked mechanic and doesn’t beat you over the head with it is a feat in and of itself.

What really makes the game stand out is the writing and atmosphere. Telltale seems to have perfected that over the years with their titles, but “The Walking Dead” and “The Wolf Among Us” seem to be their best examples.

Things can get a little…hairy.

It’s not fair to review a game in segments, so this won’t be a review, so much as a taste of what you can expect from the game.

For those looking to get into this new age of point-and-click games, if you haven’t already with “The Walking Dead,” then Telltale’s “The Wolf Among Us” is an excellent introduction.

Comic fans will find this enjoyable, but should be prepared for some twists and turns they may not expect if they are familiar with the franchise.