This week in gaming

Step onto the battlefield early

The “Battlefield 4” open beta is available now through Tuesday on PC through Origin, on Xbox 360 through the Xbox Live Marketplace and on PlayStation 3 through the PlayStation Store.

The beta features the Conquest, Domination and Obliteration multiplayer game modes on the map called Siege of Shanghai.

Players are encouraged to report any bugs or problems they find while playing the game to the developers using the in-game feedback submission form.

The Telltale wolf

The first episode of “The Wolf Among Us,” which is the latest episodic game from the developers of the widely acclaimed “The Walking Dead,” will be available on PC, Mac, and Xbox 360 today.

The first episode will release on PlayStation 3 in a few days, according to a post on IGN.

The game will feature five episodes that will be released on each supported platform periodically, according to Telltale Games’s official website.

Popular mod gets it’s own release

“The Stanley Parable” is getting it’s own standalone release on Steam next Thursday, Oct. 17.

The game is a popular mod for “Half-Life 2” that puts players in the shoes of a character whose life is being narrated, and the player gets to choose whether to follow the narration or not. The narrator then reacts to the decisions that the player has made, and each decision changes the way the game plays out.

A demo is available this week that does not feature the same story as the final game, but it gives players a feel for the type of gameplay and atmosphere they can expect if they decide to get the full game when it’s released.