This week in gaming

Returning Smash Bros.

Marth, from the popular “Fire Emblem” series, is the latest character to be revealed as part of the roster for the upcoming “Super Smash Bros.” for Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS consoles. He joins other returning favorites like Toon Link, Mario and Fox as well as some newcomers including Captain Olimar from the “Pikmin” series and Capcom’s Mega Man.

The full roster of characters is being revealed slowly every few weeks on the official Smash Bros. website.

No release date has been given for either the Wii U or 3DS versions of the game.

Peek inside the PS4

Engineering director at Sony Yasuhiro Ootori takes apart the PlayStation 4 in a video over at Wired.

Ootori describes some of the inner workings of the next-generation Sony console as he takes it apart piece by piece.

This video is helpful for those users who are going to want to replace the 500-gigabyte hard drive that comes loaded in the PlayStation 4 with something bigger, as he shows you just where the hard drive is located and how to remove it.

Players can spend their half-million on whatever they like.

Free money in GTA V

Rockstar Games, developers of “Grand Theft Auto V,” have begun to deposit $500,000 into the in-game bank accounts of players who logged on to the multiplayer portion of the game any time during the month of October, according to a post on their official website.

This gift is meant to be a sort of apology for the rough start that GTA Online underwent, causing players to be repeatedly disconnected from servers, lose their created characters and generally a bad gameplay experience due to server overhaul.

The game has received several software patches since launch, and online play is stable now.

To put this into some perspective, the cheapest apartment available for players to purchase in-game is $80,000 and features a two-car garage. The most expensive apartment costs $400,000 and comes with a ten-car garage.