This week in gaming

Take on hordes of baddies in Hyrule Nintendo announced this week a “Dynasty Warriors”-style game for the Wii U currently called “Hyrule Warriors.” The company stressed that this is not being developed by Nintendo, but rather by Tecmo Koei, the developers of the “Dynasty Warriors” series, and that it is not the next installment in […]

This week in gaming

Classic gaming revisited by Obsidian The first gameplay trailer for developer Obsidian Entertainment’s “Pillars of Eternity” was released this week. The game, which was funded through a Kickstarter campaign, is a old-school role-playing game that aims to recapture the feeling of tabletop games like “Dungeons and Dragons” as well as classic games like “Baldur’s Gate.” Pledges of […]

This week in gaming

Bungie’s “Destiny” on the horizon Game Informer has a substantial piece on Bungie’s upcoming game “Destiny” this month. Their January issue will feature the game on it’s cover and will have a 14-page story giving more details on the highly-anticipated game.  In the article, the game’s story, characters, races and multiplayer aspects are discussed in […]

“Legend of Grimrock” review

Developer Almost Human has captured the very essence of what computer gaming was before things got all fancy and complicated. “Legend of Grimrock” is a true dungeon crawler in the most basic sense of the word.What’s so great about it is that it does that perfectly. From the first-person perspective to the head-scratching puzzles, this […]

Advice on character design from Valve

A design guide for character art in Valve’s popular game “DOTA 2” is available for free on their website.The guide goes through some best practices for creating characters from their game, but the advice can be applied to character design anywhere. Some topics touched on in the guide include color choice, silhouettes, gradients and saturation.Aspiring […]