This week in gaming

Take on hordes of baddies in Hyrule

Nintendo announced this week a “Dynasty Warriors”-style game for the Wii U currently called “Hyrule Warriors.” The company stressed that this is not being developed by Nintendo, but rather by Tecmo Koei, the developers of the “Dynasty Warriors” series, and that it is not the next installment in the official line of “The Legend of Zelda” games.

The game, which does not have an official name yet, apparently allows players to fight hordes of bad guys from the “LoZ” franchise as Link while utilizing weapons and tools that are staples of the franchise like the Fire Rod, Master Sword and Hylian Shield.

No release date has been given other than sometime in 2014.

Walk with the dead once more

Episode one of the second season of Telltale Games’s critically-acclaimed “The Walking Dead” episodic game is now available for download on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Steam and iOS.

This season sees players take the role of popular character from last season Clementine as she makes her way through a still-zombie-filled world. If players have completed season one, choices made throughout the season will affect events in season two

Players will be able to customize their X-wing or TIE fighter.

Take to space to battle The Empire

A trailer was released this week for a free-to-play PC game called “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons.” The game appears to be a space-combat game in which players take control of spaceships from the Star Wars universe such as X-wings and TIE fighters.

There also appears to be some level of cosmetic customization to players’ ships, such as decals on the side of the X-wings in the trailer

The trailer doesn’t actually show any gameplay, but there are screenshots available on the game’s official website.

Those interested can sign up on the game’s website to potentially take part in a beta test of the game.