This week in gaming

Classic gaming revisited by Obsidian

The first gameplay trailer for developer Obsidian Entertainment’s “Pillars of Eternity” was released this week.

The game, which was funded through a Kickstarter campaign, is a old-school role-playing game that aims to recapture the feeling of tabletop games like “Dungeons and Dragons” as well as classic games like “Baldur’s Gate.”

Pledges of $35 are still being accepted over at the game’s official site, and it is expected to be released for PC and Mac in winter 2014.

EA under investigation

Electronic Arts is currently being investigated by Atlana-based law firm Holzer Holzer and Fistel. The investigation is focused on the company’s compliance with federal securities laws regarding the production and sale of “Battlefield 4,” according to a post on Business Wire.

The firm is looking to find out whether EA made false claims about the game’s status during development.

Since release, “Battlefield 4” players have been plagues with numerous bugs and glitches, and the game’s servers suffered a DDoS attack on Nov. 18 resulting in players being unable to join online games for a short time.

All work on expansions to the game has ceased until the issues with the game’s stability have been addressed properly, EA said in a statement last week.

Terminal Reality developed “BloodRayne” for consoles.

Long-time developers may have closed their doors

“BloodRayne” developers Terminal Reality have been shuttered, according to a post by Eurogamer.

The developers, which have been in business nearly twenty years, released their last game, “The Walking dead: Survival Instinct,” to tough criticism and low sales.

News of the closure comes from a Facebook post by a former artist, Jesse Sosa, who worked at the studio for ten years.

It is unclear whether the studio had any work ongoing since finishing “The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct,” and no official word has been released by the company itself.