This week in gaming

Bungie’s “Destiny” on the horizon

Game Informer has a substantial piece on Bungie’s upcoming game “Destiny” this month. Their January issue will feature the game on it’s cover and will have a 14-page story giving more details on the highly-anticipated game. 

In the article, the game’s story, characters, races and multiplayer aspects are discussed in more detail than they ever have been before.

A beta is planned for early 2014 for those who preorder than game, and it will be available first on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4.

Xbox One welcomes indie developers

Microsoft has revealed partnerships with at least 50 independent game developers who will be developing games for the Xbox One, according to a post from Chris Charla, Director of ID@Xbox, on Xbox Wire.

There are plans to make every retail Xbox One unit capable of acting as a development kit for independent game developers, but no information is available other than that the system is in the works as of now.

Game development for everyone

Microsoft’s Project Spark program is now in open beta. The program, which is free, allows anyone with an Xbox One or Windows 8.1 PC to create a game that will be playable on Xbox One.

The Verge has a very informative article on the program.

The actual game creation can be done on and Xbox One using a game controller or on a computer running Windows 8.1 using a keyboard an mouse. There is also SmartGlass integration, which allows makers to utilize tablets in the design of the game. Animations and sounds recording can be done with the Kinect accessory as well.

The Project Spark YouTube channel features several videos and some live streams demonstrating how to use the software as well as trailers for all of the game currently being developed for the project.