New releases – week of 01/07/13

It’s the beginning of the new year and that means a whole year of brand new games to delve into. However, as it is the beginning of the year, there are still no big blockbuster releases. Hopefully these two will keep you busy until the big hits arrive.

Tuesday 1/7

“Don’t Starve” (PlayStation 4)

This fun, moody little game gets a port to the PS4 this week.

The premise is simple, just survive in a forest filled with demonic beings or just really terrifying animals.

You must hunt for food and defend yourself all while trying not to starve. You can scavenge items and build fires to help survive the things that lurk in the dark. Weather will change, adding to the things you must worry about.

How will you survive the cold of winter or deal with stormy rains in this fun little game with addictive gameplay.

Raiden’s solo adventures come to PC  this week.

Thursday 1/9

“Metal Gear Rising: Revengence” (PC)

After almost a year being available on consoles, “Metal Gear Rising: Revengence” comes to PC.

Starring Raiden, this game does away with the stealth mechanics that the “Metal Gear” series is known for, favoring instead a more hack-and-slash style of gameplay.

“Revengence” came out on consoles to generally good reception. The only problem was that it was a bit short, but the good news is that the PC version comes with all the previously-released downloadable content. This includes the Jet Stream Sam and Blade Wolf story add-ons along with the bonus VR training missions.

It’s a definite pick up for anyone who loves the series but only games on a PC.