New Releases – week of 01/20/14

Tuesday 1/20

“Dragonball Z: Battle of Z” (360, PS3, Vita)

The newest in a long line of “Dragonball Z” games was released this week.
“Dragonball Z: Battle of Z” follows the same storyline as the amine we all know and love from our childhood with some new additions.
Players pick their favorite Z warriors to fight it out in all- or-nothing brawls. New to the series is the ability to have 4 vs. 4 matches with friends during both the story and online play.
A noteworthy addition is that players will be able to play through “The Battle of the Gods” storyline, which up to this point was only available to view in Japan. With over thirty characters to play as and a chance to revisit old memories, it’ll make a good addition to anyone’s library.
Other Releases:

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