This week in gaming

Photo by Leszek Godlewski via Twitter.

Steam Controller gets a redesign

The Steam Controller will no longer feature a central touchscreen, according to a report by Engadget. The news comes out of Valve’s Steam Dev Days conference in Seattle, Wash. this week.

The Steam Controller, which was revealed in September along with Steam OS and Steam Machines, originally featured a touchscreen in the middle of the device that could be programmed by software developers to display anything from extra buttons to cutscenes.

A beta program for Valve’s proprietary hardware and operating system has been running for about a month, and based on feedback from those participating, the company has chosen to put more conventional buttons and a directional pad in place of the touchscreen on the controller when it is released commercially.

More changes to the controller are coming, according to a post on Steam Database, as Valve is just beginning to parse through all the feedback they’re receiving from beta participants.

Next-generation Hitman information

IO Interactive, the delevopers of the “Hitman” franchise posted an open letter Thursday regarding the future of the franchise.

The letter describes the next game as open and non-linear, which will allow for huge, checkpoint-free sandbox levels. They go on to mention that the game will see the protagonist, Agent 47, competing contracts all across the globe.

No information is available about to the title of the game, platforms it will be developed for or a release window, but the letter says that more will be revealed later this year.

Act one of “Broken Age” will be available Jan. 28.

Double Fine’s modern-day point-and-click game nears release

Early impressions of the beta release of Double Fine’s “Broken Age” have begun popping up across the Web this week.

Read our thoughts on the beta here.

The game, which was funded on Kickstarter under the initial title “Double Fine Adventure,” is a point-and-click adventure game with a distinctive painterly art style. Act one will be available Jan. 28, with act two coming later this year as a free download to those who purchased the first act.