New Releases – week of 02/03/14

Tuesday, Feb. 14

“Fable Anniversary” (Xbox 360)

It’s been a while since the original “Fable” dropped back in the day on the original Xbox, and Lionhead Studios saw now as a good time to bring back an old classic for its anniversary. “Fable Anniversary” is a re-telling of the original “Fable” but the graphics and control scheme have been updated to stay in line with the latest “Fable” games. It features re-worked graphics that changes the land of Albion you’re use to, but keeps it familiar enough for people to enjoy the nostalgia trip. The story is a tale of a boy whose village is ransacked by a villain and his journey as he grows into the hero that will one day defeat the man who burned his village to the ground. Featuring plenty of customization options, the choice to be good or evil, and all the downloadable content ever released for the game, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to spend your tax refund on this.

“Fable Trilogy” (Xbox 360)

This bundle comes with the aforementioned “Fable Anniversary” along with “Fable 2” and “Fable 3.”

“Outlast” pits players against deformed, murderous mental patients.

Wednesday, Feb. 5

“Outlast” (PS4)

“Outlast” gets a port to the PS4. Set in a mental institution gone wrong, you are trying to find out what happened while trying to avoid the insanely deformed patients of the asylum. Prepare for a frighteningly good time.

Friday, Feb. 7

“Bravely Default” (3DS)

The 3DS get a new role-playing game here in the states. Coming from Square Enix, “Bravely Default” is a turn-based RPG that feels very similar to “Final Fantasy III.” You have four characters for whom you can switch out jobs on the fly and use them to suit your needs. A big point of battle is the Bravery Default system which allows you to stack up actions on one turn at the cost of the next. It’s a big gamble system because stacking too much up can cause characters to freeze for awhile. Any fan of RPGs should definitely look into picking this up.