“Super Smash Bros.” release window and gameplay detailed

A special, “Super Smash Bros.”-themed Nintendo Direct took place yesterday and was hosted by series creator Masahiro Sakurai.

The 39-minute presentation detailed everything about the game including remastered move sets for each character, new and returning stages, assist trophies and the differences between the versions for the Nintendo 3DS handheld console and the Wii U home console.

Those interested in the nitty-gritty details can watch the entire video here.

Online multiplayer will be featured, but will be split into two categories called For Fun and For Glory. For Fun will allow for all stages to be played and will also feature items, while For Glory sets the stage to a flat platform called Final Destination and does not allow items.

Smash Run is exclusive to the 3DS version of the game.

A matchmaking system will put players of similar skill together in online matches based on a measurement called Global Smash Power.

There will also be a system in place for players to report others who are being abusive or cheating, which will result in temporary being banned from online play. The length of the ban will depend on the severity and recurrence of the abusive behavior. Players who erroneously report others continuously will also be punished.

The two versions of the game will be similar in many ways, but will have some differing features.

Both versions will have the same lineup of playable characters, but the two versions have completely different stages to play on. The 3DS version also has an exclusive mode called Smash Run.

Smash Run places four players on a large map and pits them against enemies that drop powerups upon defeat for five minutes. After the five-minute period, the players are then pitted against one another in a battle that allows them to utilize the powerups they gathered previously.

Yoshi returns to Super Smash Bros. alongside Pikachu and Kirby.

It was also revealed that characters that could transform in previous games, like Zelda, who could transform into Sheik and Samus, who could become Zero Suit Samus, will have those transformation moves replaced with new attacks, and the transformations will now be separate characters on the roster.

This also confirmed that Sheik and Zero Suit Samus will be returning to the “Smash Bros.” roster.

Two new playable characters were also revealed at the end of the video: Charizard and Greninja. Both pokemon, Charizard looks like a heavy-hitter and Greninja appears to be very quick.

Yoshi was also confirmed as a playable character during the presentation. Sakurai pointed out that his stance has been changed, making him stand up on his hind legs in a more human way.

No release date was given for either version, but Sakurai did say that the 3DS version will be available in the summer and the Wii U version will release sometime in winter.