“Hyrule Warriors” E3 2014 hands-on preview

“Hyrule Warriors” could be the over-the-top “Zelda” spinoff we didn’t know we’ve been waiting for. Developed by Tecmo Koei and set in the style of “Dynasty Warriors,” “Hyrule Warriors” is a “musuo” action-adventure game set in favorite locals throughout the “Legend of Zelda” series, and puts players in the shoes (and armor) of favorite characters like Midna, Zelda, Link and Impa.

Players fight around a map with separate bases that they must either defend or take over by defeating massive hordes of foes.

Zelda isn’t  helpless this time around.

I got hands on time with the game playing as Zelda. For the first time in the series, the princess fights with a sword, and boy does she dole out damage. She uses a rapier to slice and dice her way though the hordes of enemies. She also has access to her grand light arrow to clear herself a path when things get heavy in the heat of battle.

Midna, on the other hand, spawns a wolf to ride on similar to Link’s wolf form in “Twilight Princess.” She rides around the battlefield causing damage with her giant orange hand and summoning shadows to do her bidding as well.

The game will support local multiplayer for two people. One player will be using the screen on the gamepad to play while the other uses the TV screen.

“Hyrule Warriors” is set to release on the Wii U Sept. 26.