“Infamous First Light” E3 2014 preview

“Infamous Second Son” is a phenomenal game on the PlayStation 4 and it introduced us to many characters during the course of the game that we didn’t really have a chance to get to know as much as we would have liked to. One of those characters was Fetch, a young woman who protagonist Delson meets during the course of “Second Son.”

She, like Delson, is a Conduit whose powers revolve around the neon lights in the city, and she can use them to zap across the city and attack with ease.

Sadly, we don’t get to go into detail on her backstory and what brought her to the point where Fetch and Delson collide.

“Infamous First Light” takes place a few years before the events of “Second Son” and will star Fetch as the main character. The game will shed light on what Fetch went through prior to the events of “Second Son.”

Voice Actress Laura Bailey is also be reprising her role as Fetch in “First Light.”

So much raw neon power!

Players used neon powers during the regular run-through of the story, but developers Suckerpunch Productions assured us that Fetch uses her neon powers in a more raw and untamed way.

Photo Mode, the popular addition to “Second Son” that allows players to pause the action on screen for a photo session, will be available in the new game so players can capture their favorite moments and create some interesting shots.

“Infamous First Light” is set to be released as a standalone downloadable game that doesn’t require the original game. It will be released in August for $15 for download on the PlayStation Network.