More sneaking than sniping – “Sniper Elite 3” review

For a game called “Sniper Elite 3,” there sure is a big gap between actually sniping people and sneaking around I will say that while I wasn’t disappointed with this game, I was certainly surprised at how often I found myself slowly moving through the battlefield in contrast to the previous game in the franchise. […]

Neversoft says goodbye, burns giant eyeball

“Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” and “Guitar Hero 3” developer Neversoft recognized it’s final day as an independent studio yesterday by burning a large effigy of its logo, an eyeball pierced by a stake, captured in the picture above posted by the company’s official Twitter account. The developer, which has been absorbed by “Call of Duty” developer […]

“Valiant Hearts” review – A tug on the heartstrings

It’s not often a game comes along that’s quite like “Valiant Hearts: The Great War.” A war game that focuses not on the fighting of the war, though it definitely showcases the brutality and body count, but the mental and emotional effects it has on people. For those who are thinking this is going to […]