“Silent Hills” revealed via mysterious demo on PS4



A mysterious game initially known only as “P.T.” has been revealed to be a new installment in the “Silent Hill” series called “Silent Hills.”

The game is being headed by “Metal Gear” series creator Hideo Kojima and Academy Award-nominated director Guillermo Del Toro and will star Norman Reedus, who gained recognition in his role as Daryl Dixon in “The Walking Dead” TV series.

After a brief mention during Gamescom in Cologne, Germany this week, a PlayStation 4 demo appeared for download on the PlayStation Network. The demo itself is very scary, and those who managed to work their way through the creepy puzzle were treated to the official announcement for “Silent Hills.”

Although the demo is only available on PS4 via the PSN, it is not yet known whether the game will be available on other platforms. In fact, not much in known about the game so far aside from the three big names attached to it.


This screen shown at the end of the demo reveals that “P.T.” likely stands for playable teaser.