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Call of Duty reveals juicy story details, teases multiplayer premiere

Activision released a new trailer this week that brings to light the campaign details of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The plot is set in motion by “the first global terrorist attack in history” when the country enlists a private military company, Atlas. Atlas holds arguably too much power including the ability to make attack decisions without Congress and this imbalance of power leads the worlds to chaos.

The multiplayer world premiere will be on August 11 and is much anticipated due to the lack of details given so far.

Check out the trailer, here.

Play Playstation games, Now

Sony released the Playstation Now streaming service to the wild in the form of an open beta available to PS4 owners. With a current library of over a hundred games, the service effectively creates a limited form of backward compatibility for PS3 games on a PS4.

Initial reactions point to the high price of rentals compared to their used games counterpart. Metal Gear Solid 4, for example, is available used at GameStop for $7 but is only available for a $5, 4-hour rental on Now.

Eventually Sony plans to expand the Now service to include the rest of their consoles, including PS3, PS VITA, Sony TV, and PSTV.

FIFA 15 players act like their real-life counterparts

EA sports announced in a new trailer that FIFA 15 will have finessed player movements and ball physics. The player’s balance and positioning will now be taken in to account when dribbling and passing. Also, every time the ball hits the ground, spin will be taken in to account in determining where the ball flies.

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The video specifically takes in to account individual player tendencies, like Lionel Messi’s favoring of his left foot.

Check out the trailer, here.