Hands on with the “Super Smash Bros. 3DS” demo


Everyone is eagerly anticipating the release of “Super Smash Bros. for 3DS” on October 3, and to help with the wait Nintendo has released a small taste of the brawl yet to come.


The Blue Bomber is ready to battle.

The demo available to download from the Nintendo shop brings five characters to try with only one stage to play on. The characters are as follows: Mario, Link, Pikachu, Mega Man and the Villager. The returning characters carry the same move sets as in previous “Smash Bros.” titles with some new additions and tweaks such as an extra attack added to Link’s side smash.

The new characters bring their own moves to the melee. Mega Man uses his wide array of powers to attack from afar, then get close for some damage. The villager uses his item-collecting and tree-growing skills to help launch opponents away.

Their are items in the demo such as character trophies and poke-balls to use in battle. New assist trophies include a game of pong that deals damage if you’re hit with the puck. The pokemon roster has been updated to include new pokemon from X and Y as well.


The only stage available on the demo.

As I said before there is only one stage available to play in the demo and it gets littered with items. If you were hoping for a more final-destination kind of match, hitting the X button on the stage-select screen lets you pick the stage with an Omega symbol and the match begins with no items and a flat landscape. Now everyone can get their final destination fix on any stage.

The graphics look good for the handheld and the framerate stays up to pace at a whopping 60 frames per second at all times. It has been noted though that the frame rate will drop during online play to 32 fps.

If this demo truly is a small taste of the game, then the wait until October 3rd just got more unbearable. Check back in to the Vault when the game drops to read our full review.