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Blizzard cancels “Titan”

“World of Warcraft” developers Blizzard made the difficult decision to cancel production of their next-generation massively-multiplayer online game, “Titan.”

Presumed to be in development for years, Blizzard confirmed the actual existence and title of the game in 2010.

The science-fiction MMO was to take place on a world like Earth after successfully fighting off an alien invasion.

While analysts say the decision could have cost Blizzard tens of millions of dollars, harming their reputation by releasing a sub-standard game could have been even more costly.

Check out the interview with Polygon.

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Nintendo got it’s start creating and selling playing cards.

Nintendo turns 125

The eldest of the “Big 3” video-game companies, Nintendo celebrated its 125th birthdayTuesday.

Beginning as a playing-card company on Sept. 23 1889,  Nintendo didn’t start creating video games until 1963.

Happy Birthday, Nintendo!

Valve introduces Steam Music Player

Gone are the days of running Winamp or iTunes in the background while gaming on PC once you get tired of the in-game music selection. The newly-released Steam Music Player will let you play any MP3 on your computer while in game using Steam.

In addition, owners of “Half-Life” or “Portal” will automatically find those games’ soundtracks available in their library for free.

Check out the official announcement.