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It’s been awhile since we received a “Mega Man” game that made us remember what we loved about the Blue Bomber. Sadly this is not a “Mega Man” game, but it has everything we want in one. Developed  by Inti Creates, the people behind the “Megaman Zero” games on the Gameboy Advance, “Azure Striker Gunvolt” is a side-scrolling adventure very much in the vein of it’s “Megaman” forefathers.  Is this downloadable game for the 3DS a true successor  to the Blue Bomber’s legacy?

You play as Gunvolt, a man with the ability to harness lightning with the use of his adept powers. Gunvolt is part of the rebel group Quill whose mission is to overthrow the corrupt Sumaragi. With the help of the Muse, a little girl named “Joule” Gunvolt rescues in the beginning who happens to have adept power that both sides are after, Gunvolt sets off to defeat the Sumaragi generals and create an easy life for Joule and himself.


Gunvolt tags before he bags.

The gameplay is what you would come to expect from a “Megaman” descendent. Platforming, side-scrolling and striking enemies with lightning is the game in three points. Gunvolt has a gun that hardly causes damage but tags the enemy so you can activate your flashfield and unleash heavy lightning upon them.  At the beginning of the game, you can tag up to three times whether it be focused on one opponent or three separate enemies to take them all out at one time. You gain different weapons that let you either fire more tags or different patterns as the game progresses.

Using the flashfield helps takes up EP, which when drained, can either be recharged in no time by standing still and double tapping the D-pad down or by waiting for it too slowly fill. There are a variety of tactics to get you through the levels to avoid damage and build up Kudos.  Kudos are what help give the game a sense of replayability. Basically, as you progress through the stages defeating enemies and avoiding damage you gain Kudos and a score multiplier. The goal being to get through the stage with the highest kudos possible to have a high grade at the end.

There are also challenges you can accept and other skills you can use to help defeat the bosses. Should at some point the bosses take you take you down, Joule will randomly use her power to revive you and overcharge you with her music to help you finish the level. The song that plays is catchy and a nice addition to the soundtrack.

There is also a leveling-up system and equipment system as well, but they didn’t feel too important to the game aside from one or two different aspects.


These screens cut in when Gunvolt or the bosses use special moves.

There isn’t much wrong with this game. It is a bit short but for only $15 from the Nintendo eShop you get plenty of bang for you buck.

The problem I had with the game is that for being a game with heavy “Megaman” influences in it, it felt too easy.

I couldn’t comprehend why I felt like I was taking so much damage but still surviving  until I saw that you are equipped with an item that automatically avoids any damage that you take while not using the flashfield. This would be a great item for beginners, but mega-diehards will want to avoid using it to get the full experience that this game can give.

As I said before there is a leveling system too, but Gunvolt’s level was something I never felt like I had to worry about because by the time I got around to the endgame, my level was where it needed to be in order to beat the game.

“Azure Striker Gunvolt” is a good game that has a lot of value and is worth everything you spend on it. It has some features that may not be needed but it does not hinder the game in anyway.

Score: 8/10


-Classic “Megaman”-style action

-Good replay value

-Fun combat


-Short story

-A few somewhat useless features.

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