“Payday 2” and “Hotline Miami” crossover with DLC

Last week, “Payday 2” and “Hotline Miami” developers released a cross-promotional downloadable-content pack for “PayDay 2.”

The DLC features a “Hotline Miami”-themed heist, weapons, and new masks that are replicas of some of the ones the Nameless Killer from “HM” used in his escapades.

For those who already own “HM” on Steam, they received some items for free as a courtesy for their loyalty to the games.

While “Payday 2” came out last year, it’s since been releasing DLC content in the form of new jobs, new story missions, new weapon packs and more. The teams at developers Overkill and Starbreeze Entertainment are really working the best kind of method for keeping their game fresh and fun.

You can check out our “Payday 2” review here, and our “Hotline Miami” review here. If you still haven’t picked up “Payday 2,” you may want to think about it as the price has dropped and the DLC is making this game a whole level cooler.

Both games are available on Steam right now.