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Amazon Game Studios showcases new projects

It looks like Amazon is getting serious about their investments in the gaming world by announcing four new games in development: “Til Morning’s Light,” “Tales From Deep Space” and “CreepStorm.”

“CreepStorm” will be a tower defense game while “Til Morning’s Light” and “Tales From Deep Space” are looking to be character-driven adventure games. Unfortunately for some, these titles will be exclusive to Amazon devices like the Fire Phone, Kindle Fire and Fire TV.

Check out Amazon Game Studios.


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Steam offers largest collection of free downloads yet

Steam opens up the gates this weekend to a collection of ten free games available for download. The list includes “Grid 2,” “Injustice: Gods Among Us,” “PayDay 2” and “Company of Heroes 2 among others.

We’ve reviewed Injustice: Gods Among Us, PayDay 2 and Company of Heroes 2 for you right here in the Vault. Go take a look and see if they’re worth a download.

Go check out the full list of free downloads at Steam.


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Google reveals their entry in to the set-top market

Google has announced the Nexus Player, an Android-powered console to hook up to your TV. The console comes with a custom remote control, and Google is offering a custom Asus game controller for $40.

The console will support the existing library of games available on the Play Store, but there haven’t been any announcements for games designed specifically for play on a TV screen yet.

The Nexus player competes directly with the Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Ouya with a retail price point of $99.

Go check out Google’s page on the new device.


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