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Nintendo turns investors’ heads

Nintendo is really pushing to end their four-year profit drought with big name titles like “Mario Kart 8” and “Super Smash Bros. for 3DS,” and their quarterly reports have shown it.

During the past quarter, 9.4 million Wii U games were sold, 3.2 million of those units being “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.” Wii U hardware sales have also doubled since last year. 3DS handheld console sales have dropped, but Nintendo hopes to turn that around with the recent hardware refresh.

You can see the numbers for yourself on Nintendo’s Q2 report.



Walmart enters the used-games market

Retail behemoth Walmart has begun selling certified, pre-owned games at nearly half of their 3,600 stores nationwide. They began stockpiling used games earlier this year and are now ready to sell them.

GameStop has said they are not worried about the retail giant’s entrance to the used-games world and cites the fact that they have their own refurbishing warehouse (as compared to Walmart, who contracts out the job) as one of the reasons why.

Walmart will begin with a promotion by offering “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” purchasers with a 50% bonus on used game trade-ins.


Sony releases 2.0 software update forPlayStation 4, remote play available on Xperia devices

A slew of updates have just been released for PS4 with the availability of the 2.0 software update. Included in the update among things are Share Play which allows you to stream and share control of games to others in your party, an in-game USB music player and (finally) YouTube.

In other Sony news, Remote Play is now available on Google Play for Sony Xperia devices, allowing you to eat up your mobile data plan faster than ever.

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