Your world will burn with “Total War: Attila”

Developers Creative Assembly have announced that a new installment to the “Total War” franchise will be arriving in 2015 for both PC and Mac.

“Total War: Attila” will take the player through the Dark Ages between Rome’s glorious rise and the dawning of the Medieval period. The map will grow darker as the approaching hun army, lead by Attila, closes in on your nations. According to Creative Assembly, this will add an element of survival strategy to the game’s already meaty gameplay.

But the horde isn’t just a harbinger of bad news for the remaining powers of the world. The expansion also holds some returning mechanics that players have said they missed.

Janos Gaspar, “Total War: Attila’s” project lead, stated that they’re reintroducing some features that fans have been asking for, such as family trees and skill trees, and improving many of the core aspects of “Total War” the developers know are important to players.

Some new features like advanced street fighting, civilians, complete settlement destruction and dynamic fire will be included in the game according to Gaspar. The fire will even burn throughout the city while your armies battle it out.

To learn more about “Total War: Attila,” visit the “Total War” website. From there, you can find all you need to prepare yourself to tackle The Scourge of God. To war!