“Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” review


“Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” puts you in the shoes of a soldier on the cutting edge of technological combat working with a paramilitary corporation.

This iteration of the franchise gives the player new and unique game mechanics as well as some borrowed from other games.

Armed with a boost pack, some grenades that show the location of enemies and highly advanced tanks and drones, you’ll play through a 5+ hour campaign or grind your way through multiplayer.

In all honesty, I’ve not been that impressed with the “Call of Duty” games in the last few years. I was excited to see a different kind of story being used in this new game.

Through the campaign, the player is given all the tools that they come to use in multiplayer on their friends and rivals.

The tutorials on the jump pack are quite possibly the simplest. Having enjoyed the jetpack mechanic in “Titanfall,” I was also curious to test out what a similar mechanic would be in a competitor’s game. While “Titanfall” teaches you wall-running and obstacle climbing, all of which are fun and smooth in that game, “Advanced Warfare” skips the free running and goes straight for increases in jump height and distance similar to “Halo 4’s” jetpack.

Not only that, but it adds a sprint boost and strafe boost to help the player traverse large maps quickly as well as quick-dodging some clever attacks. These are extremely useful tools in multiplayer when you’re chasing down an enemy or avoiding an ambush.


Controlling one of these suits is also a power trip you may never forget.

Let’s be real for a second. The single-player campaigns in “Call of Duty” games are never the real draw for this franchise. While they continually get better and better (in my personal opinion this one is the best yet), most of the consumers buy these games for the multiplayer.

That being said, there are pretty much the same modes of multiplayer as there have always been, which is not surprising. But there is one new mode that is quite interesting, Exo Survival. This allows you to work cooperatively with other players to survive wave after wave of enemies, getting harder each time. While this isn’t a true revolution, it is a new addition to this particular franchise.

For familiar multiplayer modes Team Death Match and Kill Confirmed, the new boost pack allows for some greater mobility on these larger maps. Even if they aren’t really that large, they feel larger and more complicated. I give Sledgehammer some real props for making maps that feel as full and unique as some other games that have vehicles to traverse their maps because they’re so big.

I’ve also felt that I actually do really have a shot against other players this time around in multiplayer. Perhaps it’s me getting better (not very likely), or just that the game is more balanced, but this may be the most fun I’ve actually had playing online with people in a “Call of Duty” game. Maybe it’s the new guns, perhaps the new kill-streak rewards are a little more varied and fair. Whatever the case may be, it seems like “Call of Duty” is being refined with each iteration.

While I’m not the ideal audience since I’m not a huge multiplayer fan, I am a pretty keen campaign player. What’s really been fun this time around with the campaign, besides the fact that Kevin Spacey delivers quite an excellent performance, is the variation of levels.

I never felt like I was doing the same thing twice in a lot of the missions I was set upon troughout the game. There were no shocks for shock’s sake, no punches really pulled, and there is the usual mass destruction that we’re so used to seeing nowadays in any sort of military game. But what I felt was that I never got tired of what I was doing. The game just kept going, mission after mission, and it flowed well.

This, however, may be the biggest weakness of the campaign because we don’t really get a time to breathe and process what’s going on – to really develop some relationships or care for the characters. Other than that, this is a pretty solid campaign and they should be proud of what they made here.

Should you get “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?” I think that if you’re a fan of the franchise you won’t be disappointed with what they’ve added and how they’ve kept to the good formula. Oh, and the game is freaking gorgeous. I mean, really. Holy crap it looks amazing on these new systems. This is also an excellent way to jump in to “Call of Duty” if you’re not familiar with the series. Is it worth $60? I’m not quite sure it is, but then again if you like the game and want them to continue making them at this level of quality, then support them wholeheartedly.