New Nintendo 3DS XL gets release date in North America


The newest iteration of Nintendo’s hugely popular handheld video-game console, the New 3DS XL, will be released in North America February 13. As of now, only the XL version of the console will be coming to the North American territories. A smaller version is available in other territories like Japan and Australia.

With a price set at $200, the New 3DS includes a small secondary analog stick for new control schemes, additional shoulder buttons, built-in support for Amiibos, face-tracking 3D technology and bigger screens. Click over to this post for more detailed information on the differences between the new and old models.

There are two special-editions of the console being released on Feb. 13 as well. “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Edition” and “Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D” versions were opened up to preorders this morning, but the “Majora’s Mask” edition reportedly sold out in about 15 minutes.