Through different eyes


So I broke down and bought “GTA V” on the XBox One.

I see you out there. Looking at me with that face that says, “Awww yes. Finally, he bought an HD remake of a game for pleasure rather than doing so because he didn’t play it last gen and wants to review it. Now we see him for the hypocrite that he is!”

Correct. I can honestly say that if you’ve already beaten” GTA V” before on a previous gen system, this game is not worth the money. But for those of you with cash to burn, it is an interesting look at how perspective can actually change a game very much.

FPS games are not new, Rockstar is not famous for making them, and “GTA” has never been one. That said, I was curious about how the game would play and just how the controls would feel.

Surprisingly enough, the amount of control customization that Rockstar has given the player is pretty thorough and intensive. Obviously they can’t change the entire feel of the game while in first-person mode because that would be too time intensive and expensive. But I do like that they’ve thought of the intricacies of playing in first-person and allowing for the switch to third-person while in cover, much like “Deus Ex: Human Revolution.”

Where it falls short, is the fact that this game was so obviously not meant to be a first-person game when it comes to shooting. Sure, exploration and drive are pretty spot-on and work like a charm. But the action in this game feels much stiffer on a console.

I have wondered that if I was able to play this on PC in first-person that the game might be more suited to my tastes, but then again not all FPS games have the same stiffness that I was feeling in “GTAV.” I never felt that way in “CoD: Advanced Warefare.” Or “Destiny” and “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel” for that matter.

Yes, obviously, there is something lost in the translation between analogue sticks and mouse-precise control between console and PC. But there was just something…worse, about it in “GTAV.” I almost felt like I had to put at least some aim-assist on to help me with fights.

The worst part has to be driving and shooting. For those of you familiar with this game, you’ll know that it’s pretty unavoidable. That being said, using both analogue sticks, the two shoulder bumpers, and the righgtav-first-person-100528885-larget trigger to fire a gun and drive a car at the same time had me absolutely hating the mechanic altogether.

Is it fun to play in FPS mode? Sure. The world seems much larger, the visuals are improved so you’re looking at a world with fog, particles, and all manner of beautiful lighting effects. Is first-person combat fun? Not as much as I’d like it to be, but it certainly has its moments.

Was this a necessary thing to have? Did Rockstar need to make this instead of working on a “Red Dead Redemption” sequel? No. I’d rather Rockstar gimme my cowboys. But more seriously, I don’t think this is worth a $60 purchase. If you get the chance to trade in some games and wait till this is cheaper, I highly recommend it for an improved look at Los Santos.

Perspective can truly change the way a game feels and looks. And in this instance, changed the way the game was played for me as well. But still, a great game can sometimes fall short in unexpected ways.