Closure of the longest running super-hero MMO rouses anger and resentment from fan

Heroes and former villains gathered in the game’s Atlas Park to mourn the game’s passing.  Do you remember a game called “City of Heroes?” 8 years ago, the world’s only super-hero MMO graced the PC gaming world and surprised everyone. It survived a transition from its original publishing company to NC Soft, it survived the […]

A conversation with Bennett Bellot, Academic Director at the Art Institute

Take a look at how to pick the right school for you, what to think about when going for your education and other important facts from the Academic Director at the Art Institute of Orange County, Bennett Bellot.

Valve uses Steam to show players Big Picture

Valve, the creators of the “Half-Life” and “Portal” series, recently released a new view mode for their digital distribution application, Steam, called Big Picture which allows the interface to be displayed on larger screens like those normally found in living rooms. It wasn’t impossible to hook up a PC or Mac to your big-screen TV […]

Rely on your squad

It’s tough being a squad leader, isn’t it? What with having to make sure your team doesn’t suffer critical damage, ordering them around and fighting enemies things tend to get a little hairy. What doesn’t help is if your squad is as dumb as a sack of Deku nuts. Squad-based gameplay has taken some leaps […]

“Splinter Cell: Blacklist” and stealth in games

Since it’s announcement at E3, “Splinter Cell: Blacklist” has had minimal buzz. Many people were convinced that Sam Fisher had hung up his night-vision goggles for good after rescuing his daughter and storming 3rd Echelon in the last “Splinter Cell” game. Clearly Ubisoft isn’t done with Sam, as this new game indicates – but he’s […]

Beenox talks “Amazing Spider-Man”

“The Amazing Spider-Man” game has been released, the team at developer Beenox has some time to kill between projects, so I got the opportunity to talk with producer David Boudreault about the most recent installment in the Spidey franchise.  [Ed. Note] This article will be presented in a question-then-answer style, with our question to Boudreault […]