“Rocksmith” Experiment – Week 2 Video

We’ve finally uploaded the conclusion to our “Rocksmith” experiment. Check out our final impressions and our final exams here in this video.Also, we’re getting ready to submit our questions to Ubisoft about the game. We want to take five questions from Vault fans. Submit questions to thegamecreatorsvault@hotmail.com and the five bests will go in our […]

The Pen and Paper Dead

You like pen and paper rpgs, like Dungeons and Dragons? Then how about one that is about the zombie apocalypse? That’s the setting for Outbreak: Undead. The best part? You get to roll yourself as a character. Seriously. Let me make an example. You can go to the website www.outbreakundead.com to check the whole system […]

Take a Look at Your World

It’s funny. When a game is advertised there are a lot of words thrown around to help you understand the kind of game you’re getting. My favorite phrase to see is “huge open world gameplay.” Now, this is my favorite because so many companies have different views on what “open world gameplay” really is and […]

“Rocksmith” Experiment: Week 1 Journal

By John Sollitto I GOT BLISTERS ON ME FINGERS!!!! Sorry, I’ve been saying that all week and if my coworkers have to deal with it then you all do too. You know why I’ve been saying it all week? ROCKSMITH EXPERIMENT! That’s why, baby. Okay, so if I tell you EVERYTHING that happened so far […]