How do you sell a problem like Next Gen?

Games Industry International had a really poignant article written by Johnny Minkley that really began to dissect the next gen launches of previous systems and what might be necessary to sell the ever looming new systems on the horizon. The article mentioned, of course, how tired consumers are getting of the current gen systems and […]

The fine line between spin-off and stand-alone

With games nowadays reaching their third & fourth installments or so in their respective series, it’s safe to say most have had their own spin-offs. Some are good and essential to the series and others are better left alone. Sometimes these games, whether good or bad, get mixed in together and because of that some people would rather not deal […]

Historical settings in games: what works and why

Let’s go back in time. Back to when the Nazis were still an international threat, when the holy land was fought over by crusaders and jihadists, and when Los Angeles was still riding the wave of Hollywoodland’s star power. No matter where we go, who we are or when we are, games that take us […]

What mobile apps can learn from games

The iTunes App Store, Google Play and other markets have given us reason to never let go of our phones as we use them for everything from keeping our appointments to hurling angry birds at pigs. If I asked you what your favorite app to use is I can almost guarantee you it would be […]

Rely on your squad

It’s tough being a squad leader, isn’t it? What with having to make sure your team doesn’t suffer critical damage, ordering them around and fighting enemies things tend to get a little hairy. What doesn’t help is if your squad is as dumb as a sack of Deku nuts. Squad-based gameplay has taken some leaps […]