On emotion and graphics in games

2K Games’ Christoff Hartmann stated in an interview with Gamesindustry.biz that photorealism is necessary for video games to be able to compete with movies at reaching audiences on an emotional level.I completely disagree with this opinion. Tears were shed over these blocky heroes. How many players cried over Aeris’s death? How many players were moved […]

Rhythm and Motion

As the Nintendo Wii came out of the shadow of the Nintendo Revolution rumor, movement based gaming suddenly received a jolt of life on the home console. Games that were traditionally thought of as arcade titles and not feasible for the home environment were now entirely possible and encouraged. However, the gaming community began to […]

Un-tie the tie-ins

I’ve played quite a few movie tie-in games in my life, and (surprise) they are generally not very good. I don’t think it’s the fault of the developers, though, because studios like Beenox, which has created both movie tie-in and original titles, are capable of creating very good games when they aren’t tied to films. […]

The next console war

(This article can also be found on the site Talk Nerdy to Me Lover.) So I’m not sure how I feel about the new consoles looming on the horizon. Of course at this point everyone knows about the Wii U and its imminent release, and then there are the new Xbox and Sony systems that […]

Gaming cliches through the ages

How many castles do you people have? We’ve all encountered them at least a few times throughout our adventures in the myriad digital worlds we explore on a daily basis, and there are certainly many more than we could list here, but this is a list compiled by Jesus of his (least?) favorite cliches in […]