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Review: “The Darkness II”

By Anders Howmann If I had to describe The Darkness 2 in one word, I would call it “monstrous.” As […]

How Reviews Should Be

I was having a conversation the other day with a friend of mine as to why the industry hates the […]

Kickstarter Madness!

So I got to sit down with Steven Dengler, one of the two men involved in starting the Double Fine […]

Checking out the PS Vita

Well, I got to try out the PS Vita this Friday. This was an interesting event for me since this […]

Nerd Rage

Every now and then someone will ask me about my opinion on violence and videogames. Do I think that playing […]

The Pen and Paper Dead

You like pen and paper rpgs, like Dungeons and Dragons? Then how about one that is about the zombie apocalypse? […]

Take a Look at Your World

It’s funny. When a game is advertised there are a lot of words thrown around to help you understand the […]