“The Bureau” should remain classified

Honestly, “The Bureau: XCOM Declassified” is not a bad game. The controls leave something to be desired and the idea behind it seems to mess with the series’ continuity, but so does last year’s “XCOM: Enemy Unknown.” The characters are wooden and there are so many predictable conventions being bandied about that it feels like […]

“Borderlands 2” Review

Teamwork is what makes the blood flow freely. Get your Claptrap units in gear, lock and load your crazy looking guns and strap in. Pandora is even harsher than it’s every been, and it’s gotten worse now that Handsome Jack is traipsing about the world with Hyperion. That’s right folks, it’s the “Borderlands 2” review.With […]

On emotion and graphics in games

2K Games’ Christoff Hartmann stated in an interview with Gamesindustry.biz that photorealism is necessary for video games to be able to compete with movies at reaching audiences on an emotional level.I completely disagree with this opinion. Tears were shed over these blocky heroes. How many players cried over Aeris’s death? How many players were moved […]