This week in gaming

Virtual reality coming to PlayStation 4 Sony revealed Project Morpheus, their proprietary virtual-reality headset, at the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week. The headset, which is now seemingly the only competitor to the Oculus Rift in virtual-reality hardware, is still in the prototype phase and will allow PlayStation 4 owners to become […]

This week in gaming

“Bioshock” developers closing their doors Ken Levine, creative director on “Bioshock Infinite” and co-founder of Irrational Games, announced the closure of the 17-year-old video-game-development studio this week in a message posted to the studio’s website.The team, which will be pared down to just 15 members, will be led by Levine and focus on games centered […]

“Star Wars: The Old Republic” goes free-to-play

Well, it’s official. The LucasArts massively-multiplayer online giant “Star Wars: The Old Republic” is now making its way to the consumer friendly model of free-to-play. Is this a surprise? Yes and no. Partly because of the interview that the Vault did this past San Diego Comic Con with someone very in the loop about the […]

Industry Interview: Cory Butler of Bioware Austin

“Star Wars: The Old Republic” has been getting a lot of traffic over the past months since its release. Three major content updates, a fully voiced-over script as well as an immersive Star Wars experience has really sent the gaming world buzzing. At San Diego Comic Con, the Vault was able to chat with Cory Butler, […]